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Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Violin and Viola Lessons Available
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Location: Midlothian Va.

My Father left me his old guitar when he passed away.  One year after his death, I decided it was time for me to learn to play.  I found and old 1969 How to play guitar song book in the guitar case, and starting teaching myself how to play.  Starting with basic gospel stuff l started strumming and singing.  Since then, I have passed my father's guitar down to my oldest son.  After doing this I needed to get myself another guitar to play.  Shopping around, I found that the prices were CRAZY.  So I did some research, and have found some GREAT QUALITY guitars and instruments that I can sell to people who want to learn to play, or who have been playing for years, at affordable prices.

Wholesale Guitars is Dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We encourage you to look at our customer comments to see what they have to say about our store and our staff.

Our staff is guitarist and guitar lovers who strive to fill the needs of fellow guitarist.

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